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Mountain Roc.

The Mountain Roc is a significant boss-style enemy in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Unlike many other bosses in the Golden Sun series, the Mountain Roc is highly significant to the direction and progression of the plot in the game it appears in. A mammoth bird that roosts in Talon Peak, the mountain located past Kolima Forest, its existence was not known across the world until after the Game Boy Advance games because it assumes the composition of stone while it slumbers, and only a special Slapping Psynergy can wake it up. As part of a rite of passage meant to train his son Matthew as an Adept, Isaac sends him on a quest to obtain one of the Mountain Roc's feathers so that a hang glider called a Soarwing can be repaired, though Matthew's journey quickly gets sidetracked by a darker plot. As a boss, the Mountain Roc is significantly more threatening and durable than some prior bosses in the game, and it can uniquely and freely switch into and out of a stonelike form to grant itself superior defense and passive health regeneration.

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Did You Know...

  • ...that repeatedly battling the Tua Warriors at the end of Dark Dawn gives both enormous amounts of experience and guaranteed Water of Life drops, mostly obsoleting other methods of revival if you collect enough?
  • ...that characters in Dark Dawn will increase their weapon skill when they attack your party while possessed by the Ancient Devil?
  • ...that when you upgrade from the Trainer to the Beastkeeper class, the Grand Golem Psynergy actually downgrades into the Living Armor Psynergy?
  • ...that a small underground body of water in the tunnel underneath Mikasalla can be removed with Parch?
  • ...that all of the townspeople of Prox have Mind Read-able thoughts after the final boss in The Lost Age that cannot be seen without hacking because your party only has Isaac and Felix, and does not have access to the Mind Read Psynergy?

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